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ERTIQAA is a not for profit organization empowering women and youth within Jordanís
most vulnerable communities.
for Empowerment & Awareness Raising

ERTIQAA furthermore advocates on behalf of vulnerable communities by highlighting these issues to local media and governorate municipalities.

We believe there is an underlying link between community prosperity and a thriving private sector. We work with Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and governorates to support local initiatives and help eradicate poverty through the implementation of programs based on community needs for generating sustainable economic growth.  Through public-private partnerships we help facilitate leadership skills training, including entrepreneurial skills, public speaking, networking and vocational training.

advocates human rights, and health as a basic human right through equal opportunities, access, support, information, and education, to all regardless of religion, sex, race, ethnicity, colour, disability, educational and socioeconomic background.
Through delivering community based training and helping implement public-private partnerships ERTIQAA helps members of the community develop their own sustainable solutions to pertinent issues of public health, gender inequality, lack of economic growth and personal development.