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Rania Butros Khoury
Rania Butros Khoury is a nutritional consultant and project manager in preventative health with over 25 years of experience in nutrition education initiatives throughout Jordan and the USA, the majority of her clients being women and youth. With a passion for success and entrepreneurial spirit, Rania established and ran a private medical nutrition therapy management practice for a total of 10 years. Rania has a degree in Nutrition & Food Technology with extra course work from University of California at Berkley.(ECE) /Milwaukee Wisconsin B Sc. with double major in Nutrition & Agriculture. She worked in medical & educational settings: Hospitals, private clinic, doctor's clinics, medical centers schools, and libraries. She worked providing weight loss and nutrition education programs for School kids, women and children, at nonprofit organizations and low-income clinics. Implemented nutrition education programs in partnership with CNPP/USDA Nutrition Communicators Network. She was awarded a certificate from USDA for advocacy as a community partner during residence in the United States of America, California

* Licensed by the Department of Health in Jordan to Practice the field of Dietetics

* International member of : American Dietetic Association (ADA), California Dietetic Association, California School Nutrition Association (SNA),California Food Policy Advocates.Member of (BANPAC) Bay Area Nutrition & Physical Activity Coalition.

* Attended Regular Conferences: the Jordanian Society for Hematology Conference, 13-15, March,2019 Amman. Connecting through Research Conference, 22-23, March,2019Amman, Jordan. 16th International Jordanian Oncology Society Conference, Amman, Jordan. 27th -29th September 2018. Speaker at the 4th Jordanian Cancer Prevention & Early Detection Conference. The 12th Mediterranean Task Force for Cancer Control ( MTCC), Amman, Jordan. 13th-15th of September, 2018. First Jordanian International Medical Emergencies Conference IMEC Jordan, 18-20th, April, 2018. 2nd Annual Mena Cancer Forum, Amman, Jordan. 12th-13th April, 2018. 8th

Annual International Breast Cancer Conference, Amman, Jordan. 31st March- 2nd April. Presenter, speaker, interpreter, Capacity Building Of Personnel in Jordan Olive Industry: Ensuring Sustainability of Jordanian Olive Sector International, 24th-25th April, 2017. Attended Women Empowerment Conference, Amman, Jordan. 2017. Childhood Obesity Conference, San Diego, June 2011. Annual California Dietetic Association's Conference in Oakland April 2010. Attended the Annual School Nutrition Association Conference in Dallas, Texas July 2010.Attended the North California School Nutrition meeting, October 2010. Food and Nutrition Policy Consortium meetings at the Food Bank, May & September 2010.Attended several Bay Area Dietetic Association trainings at San Francisco State University and other sites. Attended the Bay Area Nutrition & Physical Activity Coalition (BANPAC) annual meetings. Regularly attending webinars from ADA, ASN, SNA, California Food Policy Advocates,NCD Alliance, and Global Health Institute. NCD Alliance and Global Health Institute member.

Shermine Dajani


Juliana Nahhal
Shermine DAJANI Owner and CEO of Panmed Energy, one of the leading consultancy firms specialized in services related to energy in Jordan and the region and a founding partner of Medgrid France. PanMed Energy provides consultancy services to multinational companies such as Tractebel Engineering and Lahmeyer on energy transmission, renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Jordan and the region.

Ms. Dajani actively participates in international conferences as a speaker on environment, renewable energy and grid interconnection issues as well as women empowerment.

At present Ms. Dajani serves on several boards including the French think tank Institute de Prospective Economique du Monde Méditerranéen (IPEMED), Jordan Strategy Forum, Ronald McDonald House Charities, the Jordanian Italian Business Association and Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. Ms. Dajani was also the founding partner in Medgrid, an alliance of 21 leading European and South Mediterranean energy companies  established within the framework of the solar plan  of the Union of the Mediterranean to study the technical and economic feasibility of the Mediterranean Grid Interconnection masterplan.

Ms. Dajani served on EDAMA a Jordanian association focusing on renewable energy issues and the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jordan (CAFRAJ) and Al Mostaqbal Engineering and Environmental Consultants. Ms. Dajani is also a partner and board member of International Trading and Development Company. 

She is a member of the International Women’s Forum (IWF) and she was chosen by the Gibran Chair for Values and Peace at the University of Maryland among the leading Arab Women who have enriched and advanced their societies, overcoming barriers and exemplifying values of progress, peace and human rights for all.

Ms. Dajani is a recipient of the Légion d’honneur from the French Republic and she was recently awarded the ‘Order of the Crown’ on behalf of His Majesty King Philippe of Belgium.
Publishing: the psychological effect of war on Lebanese children.
Assisted in vaccination campaign in public schools in lebanon.
Active member in the Toronto pubic library's / illiterate adult program
                                                      Mona Naffa-Nazzal  
Mona Naffa- Nazzal  has vast experience in a Corporate America from Hospitality Hotels (Concierges/Sales Manager),
and the Pharmaceutical Industry (Women’s Health Specialist) as a Top Producer in the nation.
  A voice for Jordan through social and main stream media, Mona and company are constantly working, to improve
the image thru Travel & Hospitality, Health & Well Being, and Female Inclusion in the workforce and Campaigns for the Kingdom as the Expedia Brand Ambassador.
Suha Essa Kawar
Suha Essa Kawar, holds of a B.S. degree in computer science from the University of Jordan. She pursues a professional career in Journalism as a producer with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) since 1999, covering a wide range of political, economic and social programmes in Jordan mainly  the Iraqi and the Syrian refugee influx to Jordan. She serves as a member on Al-Mahaba Committee, to support underprivileged students.