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for Empowerment & Awareness Raising

ERTIQAA means ‘to rise’ in Arabic. Its vision is to lift Jordan’s most vulnerable communities out of economic poverty, social injustice including gender inequality and by raising awareness on prevalent public health issues, towards a healthier, more inclusive society.


To promote social change within rural areas in Jordan by empowering vulnerable women and youth in the community to collaborate with local enterprises and municipalities to Rise the community out of poverty and towards a healthier, gender healthier, gender empowered society. ERTIQAA  promotes safety, peace, and living a life of dignity and justice with reduced suffering resulting from disease and disability.
Target group

ERTIQQA believes in reaching out to all sectors of society: unemployed, impoverished, marginalized, and Persons with Disabilities (PwD). Our specific beneficiary target group is vulnerable women and youth residing in rural poverty pockets among Jordan’s most vulnerable governorates.
Where we work

    ERTIQAA is based in the capital Amman aiming to implement programs and projects at villages throughout Jordan.