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for Empowerment & Awareness Raising
Programs & Projects
         Public Health Programs

ERTIQAA believes in everyone’s right to good health!
Preventative health projects:
Reducing incidence of non-communicable disease
Cancer awareness and prevention through nutrition intervention
Diabetes awareness campaigns and programs
Atherosclerosis and hypertension awareness campaigns
Reproductive health and reducing congenital abnormalities
Reducing malnutrition, obesity, vitamin deficiency, and stunting
Breastfeeding & nutrition during first 1000 days of life
Pollution, the enviroment, global warming, recycling 

EMPOWER               AWARENESS RAISE                EDUCATE                         ADVOCATE
ERTIQAA works with women and youth and persons with disabilities within vulnerable communities, including visits to homes,schools,community centers, and health clinics, to raise awareness on healthy lifestyle practices, safety, nutrition, and physical activity through behavior modification techniques.
Economic Empowerment

- Youth and women ’s path towards economic Freedom
- ERTIQAA  creates programs to engage youth and women in local initiatives and teach them     appropriate life and income generating skills leading to financial sustainability

We provide non-traditional and vocational training and projects according to community needs: agricultural, industrial, enviromental,handicraft, health prevention and awareness raising, nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices, social development projects.
Syrian Refugee living outside the Camp at Al Za’atari at Mafraq Governorate
We believe there is an underlying link between community prosperity and a thriving private sector. We work with Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and governorates to support local initiatives and help eradicate poverty through the implementation of programs based on community needs for generating sustainable economic growth.  Through public-private partnerships we help facilitate leadership skills training, including entrepreneurial skills, public speaking, networking and vocational training.
Gender Equality

Needs Assessment and lecture to girls and women at Al Balqaa Governorate
ERTIQAA collaborates with civil society to improve the lives of marginalized women by  increasing participation of women and youth in the community, and increasing employment opportunities through soft skills including public speaking to promote freedom of expression, and entrepreneurial training. We also advocate to reduce discrimination against women in the workplace, including improving laws on childcare support and tackling sexual harassment in the workplace.

Serving marginalized communities through nutrition, safety, and health initiatives.Implementing awareness programs that include, but not limited to women, youth, students, refugees, orphans, children and persons with disabilities
Past Initiatives

Past Individual Local Initiatives not under ERTIQAA
       for empowerment & Awareness Raising
WOMEN EMPOWERMENT “Health Empowerment”
Jerash Governorate
Women from Gaza Refugee camp in Jarish
Health Awareness raising
Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign for Cancer Survivors Al Basheer Hospital
Educational programs at schools
Cancer Awareness lecture at Private School
Diabetes Awareness series of lectures at Mafraq Governorate
Non communicable disease prevention through nutrition intervention for students at Al Husun  Community College,  Irbid Governorate
Lectures at clinics, hospitals, and medical centers
Diabetes , Cancer and Diet lecture for doctors and hospital staff at Arab Medical Center
Quality lifestyle & human rights: stressing on everyone’s right for health
Freedom of speech: participating attoastmasters speech improvement groups